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Creating Space Workshops

Holding Space for our Grief and our Creativity

Creative workshops are designed to begin and end with a grief support group that bookends a workshop in which you will engage in a hands-on creative activity. No artistic skills required.

All proceeds go into further helping suicide loss survivors, Creating Space to continue to develop and implement art-base support groups, and to continue the work for The Teddy Bear Project. A percentage of the proceeds will go to All Souls for their support in giving us a physical space to come together.

We share memories as we construct this cube with photos of your loved one.

Reflections on Paper

We put together a handmade book piece by piece that can be used to collect memories and letters.  

This is a community building workshop. We sew pockets on a Teddy Bear t-shirt so children can to send messages to their loved ones.

ETLW_1062 .png

Mixed media explorations of techniques and materials working with a gel plate, acrylic paints, asemic writing, blockout poetry and more


Do you ever find yourself lost for works when people ask you how your are doing or when they give you unsolicited advice.  We will explore messaging in this 3 session workshop


Creating a keepsake to bring with you as you travel. We will create an Accordion style book that you can bring with you wherever you go or just have it as a connection people in your home. We will construct this book in a 3 session workshop.

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