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The Teddy Bear Project


The Frankie Teddy Bear Project is designed to give children a way to write letters or share pictures with a loved one who has died by suicide. The pocket on the t-shirt of the Teddy Bear is a magic portal for them to communicate with their loved one. The Teddy Bear comes with a journal for “overflow” messages for safe keeping. 


The Teddy Bear Workshop is a community building session, for you to be with other loss survivors who truly get the gravity of the loss of a loved one to suicide.

This free workshop involves creating Teddy Bear kits so they are ready to send out to bereaved children of suicide loss. This includes sewing pockets and assembling journals. Donations welcomed for materials. 


If you would like to sign up for a private session, we ask for you purchase a kit for each family member (for children 8+ years). This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with one another and share memories of your loved one, while preparing grief support kits for The Teddy Bear Project or to keep for yourselves. 

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