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As a suicide loss survivor, we are in need of support.  I have found that connecting with others who have lost a loved one to suicide to be extremely helpful.  

Support groups and the connection they offer have been an invaluable part of my post traumatic growth as I navigate this life. I hope they can do the same for you.

Lounge Support Groups 

Support groups are facilitated by Delmy Morris-Perez, Certified Grief Educator


Brand new group for parents who have lost a child and are in their 1st year from their loss.  This is closed session group which means that when the group gets started, it will be the same parents each time for the 6 week period.  This group is tailored to to foster connection, share from our hearts and gain some insights into some of the things that are happening with your body.  We will talk about self care, introduce some tools, but mostly sharing our pain in a place that will validate and hold space for you.  

Please note that this group is for biological and adoptive parents.


This group will launch in 2023.  I saw Frankie's community devastated by her loss.  I want to support you if you have lost a friend to suicide.  This group is open to youth 14-24 and will combine arts with a support group (no artistic experience needed).  Times and dates to be announced.


The Lounge for Parents of Suicide was created in Nov, 2021 as a peer-to-peer group.  This support group is for parents who have lost a child to suicide.  We meet 2 times per week, and as needed, all via zoom. 

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