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Welcome to the Lounge for parents who have lost a child to suicide.


Most support groups meet at designated times only with a lead facilitator. The Lounge started with a vision of “what if?” What if we could have a space that is peer-to-peer, where anyone could use the zoom lounge to support another community member? A space where we could meet at different times? A space where we can get help whenever we needed it? A space where we can go deeper into the questions we are exploring? 

Our group meets regularly twice a week for continuity and connection. But if individuals are struggling, we meet off-times as well. And we extend our meetings for up to two hours if participants want. 


With that idea in mind, I am hoping that this space can grow and that each of you can become contributors in sharing the things that are important for you - a way to learn together as we help one another navigate this new world.

Please note that The Lounge is specific to birth parents and parents who have legally adopted their child. If you need other spaces for support go to Suicide Loss Support Groups & Resources.

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