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Request a Welcome to LoungeConversation

Support Group
for Parents who have lost a child to suicide

Asking for support when you after having the most unimaginable loss of your life is brave.  Please reach out and I will get back to as soon as possible and you can see if The Lounge for Parents who have lost a child to Suicide is what you need right now. We are a peer to peer support group; we are not medical and psychological professionals.

If you need urgent connection and/or are having suicidal thoughts call 988

What to Expect

You will get an email response as soon as possible.  We will find a time to have your Welcoming Conversation in a virtual meeting.  If you decide to continue, we will set up an introductory meeting with a small number of Lounge parents.  Here we will go over guidelines into our space and provide a soft landing to our The Lounge group meetings.  

We will be welcoming new families starting

July 1, 2024

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