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Suicide Loss Support Groups & Resources

I know that each person needs to find the space where they are most comfortable so I have included the support groups I have created as well as other sites that are supporting loss survivors. 

The Lounge for Parents of Suicide Loss was created in Nov, 2021 as a peer-to-peer group.  This support group is for parents who have lost a child to suicide.  We meet 2 times per week, and as needed, all via zoom. 

We work on creating community as we share and witness one another pain.

"Parents of Suicides is an international e-mail group and part of the POS – FFOS Internet Community established on October 9, 1998. The group is managed and moderated by volunteers, mothers and fathers in the group who give their time and hearts to help.

The mission of POS is to offer understanding, support, information and hope to bereaved parents. (This group is exclusively for birth parents or parents who legally adopted their children.)"

"Welcome to our group and website, LISOS (Long Island Survivors of Suicide). We’re sorry you had to seek us out. Actually, none of us ever dreamed of joining a support group like this either. What brings us together is our common experience of suffering the devastating loss of a loved one by suicide. We are like other mourners in feeling overwrought with the unbearable sadness and emptiness from loss."

"The Alliance of Hope for Suicide Loss Survivors was created by survivors for survivors. As a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit, we provide online healing support and other services for people who are coping with devastating loss to suicide. Our online forum operates like a 24/7 support group. Our website contains support resources and information on the survivor experience. "

"Grief Support Services have both in person and virtual programs. Participants have joined virtual meetings from all over the country to connect with their peers for comfort and shared understanding."

"AFSP lists U.S. and international suicide bereavement support groups as a public service to loss survivors. We do not run, recommend, endorse or fund any of the groups listed."

We are a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt charitable, non-profit bereavement outreach organization available to those who are grieving a suicide death of family or friends.  We also assist professionals who work with those who are grieving a suicide tragedy.  Friends For Survival, organized by and for survivors, has been offering suicide bereavement support services since 1983.   All staff and volunteers have been directly impacted by a suicide death.  

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