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Reflections on Paper: What to Expect

Workshop for connection and holding memories

5 person maximum for this for-fee workshop. We begin Day 1 and end Day 4 with a support group.

Day 1

Constructing the cover

We will create a a front and back cover for our book.

It can be a picture of your loved one (vertical works best).

You can also bring magazine and text cutouts, or pieces of cloth.

Materials need to be thin and absorbent, non-shiny/matte paper works well. 

We can play around with different types of materials.

We will explore what will work best to fit your idea and memories into your book.

Day 2

Tearing Papers

We will tear pages to fit your book cover.  They will be folded into signatures.  

We will create a template for hole punching.  

We will add an inner cover to your book.  We might explore spaces for special messaging and/or pockets for your book.

Day 3


Day 3, we will work with beeswax to add depth to our cover.  

You can add clear medium depending on the structure of your book.  

Day 4


On Day 4, our books comes together.

We will sew our covers together with each signature.  

Now you will see the beauty of all your hard work.

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