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Finding the Words: Waitlist

The Finding the Words workshop is available to any person who has lost someone to suicide. This support group is for us to sit in company of other loss survivors, to share and create together. We will be creating cards that are filled with art and a message to keep for yourself or to hand to others to share a message you would like them to walk away with.

Please fill out the form below if you want to be placed in waitlist.  This is a community building workshop. Once you have signed up I will add you to the waitlist and then contact you went the class opens. You then will need to register and pay for the workshop.   At this time we are looking at Saturday mornings in mid September to begin.  

This workshop is open to 8 people.  We need minimum of 4 to start.
Date and times TBA.

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When workshop is available you will be

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Finding the Words

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