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The Teddy Bear: Private Session

This private session is for family members or closed friends to come together and construct The Teddy Bear Kits. We will utilize the space for deeper connection about the people that you all have lost.  Grief is so complicated and everyone mourns differently because each person had a unique relationship with their person. We will sew pockets onto teddy bear t-shirts and assemble journals, make little envelopes. You will work along side one another, keep your hands busy and allow the thoughts to come out.  There is not wrong way to grieve so everybody can just be where they are at that particular moment.  

Please fill out the form below to share your interest in this private session.  I will get back to you and you can let me know about your person, the members who are interested in being present and to answer questions you might have. 

Each participant will need to purchase The Teddy Bear Kit. You are welcome to bring articles of clothing to use as a pocket if you are planning on keeping the kits or giving to a family/friend.  You are also welcomed to donate your bear to this Creative Space so it can go out to a child loss survivor. 

You will need at least 2 people to participate.

Minimum: 2
Maximum: 6                                                                                                 


Teddy Bear Project
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