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Lounge for Newly Bereaved 

Support Group for parents who have lost a child by suicide


Asking for support when you after having the most unimaginable loss of your life is brave.  Please reach out and I will get back to as soon as possible and you can see if The Lounge for Newly Bereaved for Parents who have lost a child to suicide is what you need right now?

We are a peer to peer support group; we are not medical and psychological professionals.

If you need urgent connection and/or are feeling suicidal call 988

What to Expect

This space is for parents who have lost a child to suicide and are newly bereaved within their 1st year.


This group will be facilitated by Delmy Morris-Perez. This is a peer to peer support group that will meet every other week. Date & Time TBA

After you will out the form, you will get an email response as soon as possible.  We will find a time to have your 15-20 minute. This is a  Welcoming Conversation via zoom.  If you wish to join, you will then be added to the list so that you receive the zoom link to the meetings.

Here is what to expect: This will be a closed group for a time period of  6 sessions. What this means is that we will have the same people for each session. We will have up 12 parents. Meeting will be 1 1/2 hrs each.  I will be going over group guidelines at the beginning of meeting.  We will do introductions and a check in. We will focus on a question as a group.  We are doing this as a closed session so you get to know one another and start developing a community. 

If you feel like you need more support after the 6 weeks, we can talk about you joining the Lounge community.  Here we meet on Thursdays from 5-7pm (EST) and you are welcome to be part of these meeting.  More info will be provided towards the end of the new group session.

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