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Exploring the Layers Within Workshop

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Exploring the Layers Within : What to Expect 

The Exploring the Layers Within is a 4 session workshop for youth suicide loss survivors between the ages 14-18 and 18-24 . Each session will be 2 hours. We will meet in East side of New York City. We will come together as a group where we listen without advise or judgement, and validate each other through pain and remembrance. After a brief introduction we come together to learn, play and create.  


This is a Mixed Media workshops . a gel plate working with acrylics, asemic writing, blockout poetry, image transfers and more. 

What to expect each session:

Session 1: Support Circle to go over guidelines, introductions and a little bit about you.  I will do an introductions of the Exploring the Layers Within kit followed by a demonstration of the gel plate.  We will then work on creating and connecting. We will close by gathering all our materials and having a quick check in before we depart.

Session 2: Check in with a centering exercise. We then will move to demonstration on Asemic writing styles.  Here we will work on tissue paper and write messages.  These papers will be used when we start putting things together.


Session 3: Check in with a centering exercise. A demonstration of blockout poetry. We will explore messages that came up as well as figuring out what you want to do with that page.

Session 4: Check in with a centering exercise. Here we start putting what was made into a piece. We will end our session by coming together in a circle to share about our experience as a community.

Price: $210

Date & Time TBA

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