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Frankie's Bench Greenwood Cemetary
Photo by Pamela Morris-Perez

I am so glad you found this community. My name is Delmy. I lost my 17-year-old twin daughter Frankie to suicide on June 2, 2019. I have created this site to honor my love for Frankie. I have learned that the pain I feel from grief is a reflection of the love I hold for her. I seek to soften that pain so I can access more memories of her life. She was an extraordinary person who I miss every moment of every day. 


This journey after loss can be excruciatingly painful and lonely. I have found community with other loss survivors who understand how difficult this journey can be; we walk together as a new family in loss. I would like to invite you to walk with us. We will hold one another and help one another make our way with grief. This takes time and is hard work, but we don’t have to stand alone.


I hope you can be part of our tribe. I am so very sorry we are meeting in this hard world of grief, but I am so glad you are here in this creative space filled with love.

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